For everyone who wants to experience sport driving…

SC10000 series features a combination of dynamic handling and safety, providing full tire contact all the time, enhancing the ride and making driving safer and enjoyable.

This product line offers a wide range of choices which cover the most demanding preferences and driving styles.

Experience, technology and quality are incorporated into SC10000 performance shocks and struts, giving to customers one the best performing shock absorber option available today.

  • Provides full tire contact
  • Gives an exact balance between stability and comfort
  • Maintains a smooth and stable ride
  • Developed to be used with performance lowering springs
Key Features

Corven Sport shocks allow installing in the vehicle the set wheel-tire on a diameter with a maximum permissible because of not bothering at all. For this A1 and A2 measurements are exactly the same.

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The length of the damper body in the sport version is less than the standard buffer (B1, B2) allowing the suspension to follow the correct working height.

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The Corven Sport damper is especially designed for use with sport springs. In the picture measurements C2 is less than C1, preventing the spring working with loose movements at maximum opening.

Includes a hardened, chromed and micro polished piston rod. It uses a twin-tube technology for better heat dissipation. Its multi- lips seal ensures an excellent seal. Its technology built-in 100% nitrogen gas pressure ensures full tire contact. Multi-stage valve holds a stable behavior at high speed making firmer responses allowing to maintain control and comfort and reducing vibrations and noise.

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Corven Sport allows you to install the strut in the vehicle maintaining the maximum diameter admissible to install the wheel / tire, without damaging the damper. For this, the dimensions A1 and A2 height of the spring seat are exactly the same.

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