Super Pickup SP7000 are built for specific applications of utility vehicles as commercial work pickups that are suitable for hauling heavy loads and performing other functions usually used in uneven harsh surfaces.

The result is a superior ride that reduces pitch and roll, reacts immediately to harsh surfaces and yet maintains a smooth and stable ride at high speed paved roads –an excellent balance of stability and comfort– allowing for an enjoyable ride while protecting all cargo.

Born on the Argentine outback, proven in over 22 countries, and backed with the world’s highest quality standards, the Super Pickup design continues to be recognized as the best handling shock absorber for Multi-Purpose vehicles.

  • Adds strength and durability
  • Ensures performance in any surface
  • Provides tuning specific for each vehicle
  • It is worth your investment
Key features

Metallic dust cover that protects the system against contaminants and threats produced in off road condition.

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Hardened, chromed and micropolished: Essential conditions to guaratee the best performance.

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External cylinder 2 ¼-in (57.15mm) diameter and 1.6 mm thickness protects against off-road damage. Larger oil volume provides better heat dissipation.

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Internal cylinder 1 5/8-in (41mm) diameter twice-drawn-over mandrel pressure tube. Concentricity provides good sealing, reduces friction and prolongs piston life.

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Our engineers design every shock depending on the characteristics of each application, offering a wide range of choices which cover the most demanding preferences and driving styles, enhancing the ride and making driving safer and enjoyable.

Experience, technology and quality are incorporated into Super Pickup performance twin tube shocks, giving to customers the best performing shock absorber available today.