Corven HD line was especially developed for heavy vehicles. Its technical features allow you to withstand the higher load requirements: maintain the comfort of the vehicle, increases durability in any suspension system and promotes greater security to transported goods.

Durability, safety and comfort. 

Specially developed for heavy duty vehicles.

New sealing system ensures maximum performance under extreme conditions.

Internal cylinder 50 mm twice-drawn-over mandrel pressure tube. Larger oil volume provides better heat dissipation.

Metallic dust cover assures great protection.

New dynamic brake system allows extreme use conditions on vehicles with air suspension.


A PTFE band rounding piston head ensures proper performance, even under tough conditions.

Best relation between cylinder/rod diameters provides better heat dissipation increasing durability.

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Upper and radial sealing system in the external face of the seal ensures a perfect seal with the body tube increasing resistance during expansion movement.

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Absorbs high speed impacts when the rod expands at the maximum, protecting the sealing system and the vehicle´s suspension.

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Full protection to external impacts haste.covertor prolonging piston rod life.

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2 inch diameter means larger piston area allowing the highest resistance to traction increasing absorption even in rough conditions.

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