MHC (Microfinished Hardened Chrome)


Hardened, chromed and micropolished. Extra long life and reliability are provided from one of the smoothest rod surfaces in the business.


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(Optimized Multi-Lip Seal)


New German-design seal presenting incidence angles in the sealing lips which guarantees a perfect seal. NBR-manufactured, it improves resistance to wear resulting from friction thus prolonging its life.

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DP4 Sleeve Bearing


The new bearing material reduces friction and prevents premature wear in the piston rod.

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Mechanical spring prevents metal-to-metal shock under maximum extension. Only if needed.

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(Low Friction Piston Seal)


Piston head is made of sintered iron with variable aperture valving system that offers great flexibility in shaping and fine-tuning damping curves. A PTFE band rounding piston head ensures proper performance, even under tough conditions.

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(Variable Aperture Valve System)


Multi-stage valve gives the shock automatic adjusting to road conditions. In low speed, the valving allows free movement of shock. As speed get higher, the valving holds a stable behavior making firmer responses allowing to maintain control and comfort

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Product range

50000 series

60000 series